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13 June 2024



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for Istanbul Gedik University's summer school?
You can apply to the summer school online through the University Information System.
When do registrations for the 2024 summer school begin?
Registrations have started as of May 27 and will continue online until June 27.
How many weeks does the summer school last?
The duration of the summer term is at least four weeks. Each course offered in the summer term includes as many total class hours as the regular semester but in an intensive format.
Which courses will be offered in the summer school?
All courses that were offered in the fall and spring semesters will be available for selection in the summer school. Any course will be offered if at least 5 students enroll in it. Students who are at the graduation stage can take up to 3 courses, but the 5 student requirement will not apply to these students' courses. For more detailed information, click here.
Will the classes be conducted online or in-person?
The theoretical parts of the courses will be conducted online, while the practical parts will be held in-person. However, practical courses that can be conducted online may be offered online if desired.
What is the maximum number of courses or credits that can be taken?
Istanbul Gedik University associate and undergraduate students can take up to three courses in the summer term, excluding the foreign language preparatory class.
Can I take courses from the upper class?
An undergraduate student with a GPA of 3.00 or higher and an associate degree student with a GPA of 2.50 or higher can take up to 9 ECTS from the upper class with the advisor's approval, provided they have no failed courses from the lower classes.
I am a student at Istanbul Gedik University. Can I take courses from a different university?
(1) Courses offered at Istanbul Gedik University during the summer school cannot be taken from another university. To take a course from another university, the student must have applied for the relevant course at IGUN and the course must not have been offered at our university.
(2) For Istanbul Gedik University students to take courses from the summer term of other higher education institutions, the base score of the relevant department/program at the university where the summer term is provided must be higher than the student's central placement score (YGS, LYS, TYT, YKS, DGS) for the year they were admitted. With the recommendation of the department/program head and the approval of the relevant administrative board, the student can take up to three courses from other universities.
Is there a make-up exam in the summer school?
There are no make-up exams during the summer term.

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